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Commissioning a Portrait



Celebrate the innocence of childhood, the awakening character of an adolescent, and achievements of adulthood.

Speak to an intimate circle of family and friends as well as future generations.

Represent a unique collaboration between artist and patron.


The Process             

A formal or informal setting indicates the feel and approach of the portrait.



Two, 2 hour sittings are scheduled.

First session: A full color sketch is done, which will provide the reference for specific color balance.

Second session: Photographs are taken, setting and pose are discussed, as well any desired inclusions and the background. Location.

Portraits generally refer to a client’s home, workplace or special environment. As I prefer to work where the client is most comfortable, I have streamlined my tools and materials in order to make the process flow smoothly when I visit.       

For the young and the restless the whole process is streamlined and made memorably pleasant by Enrique's stories and informal and fun approach.


Inquire about Commissioning your Portrait

Name *
What type of portrait are you looking for?


Price List

Vignette Sketch — Oil $3,500  /  Pastel $2,500  

Head to Shoulders  — Oil $4,500   /  Pastel $3,500

Head to Hands — Oil $5,500   /  Pastel $4,500

Three-quarter — Oil $8,500   /  Pastel $7,500

Full-length — Oil $12,000   /  Pastel $10,000

* Travel expenses not included.

* Complex backgrounds and outdoor portraits 15% additional