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Raining Sardines


Raining Sardines

Wealthy landowner Don Rigol practically owns the town. To expand his coffee plantation, he will lay waste the mountain jungle and the secret valley where the ancient breed of Paso Fino horses roams wild. Can best friends Enriquito and Ernestina find a way to save the ponies, ensure justice at a trumped-up trial, and reclaim the mountain for their people? Will they rescue lost Indian treasure guarded by a mighty cayman with a golden chain around his neck? 

Raining Sardines received The Américas Award for Children's & Young Adult Literature 2008, sponsored by the national Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs in recognition of works of fiction that "authentically and engagingly portray Latin America... or Latinos in the United States."


Praise for Raining Sardines

State Of Washington Education Web Site:

Flores-Galbis entices his readers with a lyrical and vivid prose. Issues of social justice, friendship, environmental responsibility and more are woven throughout this fast paced story that is hard to put down. Appealing to pre-and early teens, Raining Sardines is a terrific book anytime and a wonderful choice during National Caribbean Heritage Month.

 School Library Journal, 5/7/2008:

...this book is a terrific introduction to magic realism for young readers. Enriquito and Ernestina start off their day with a bang—they meet the mystical Clara, known as the Divinadora, floating on a couch off the end of a pier. Initially puzzled by the visions and words she shares with them, the two friends quickly discover that her appearance is no coincidence—they are meant to keep a bullying, rich landowner from destroying their mountain, pillaging the tombs of the ancients, and exposing the secret herd of Paso Fino ponies.

Paul Wortman, NYC Public Schools:

Enrique Flores paints a vivid world with his words in Raining Sardines. This book is a fun, great read for “young” readers of all ages. I highly recommend it – que chévere