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Museum Tours and Lectures


A gifted “art-explainer,” Enrique strives to make art accessible and enjoyable to all.


A Short List of Prepared Lectures

1 to 1 1/2 hours in duration. Lectures can also be tailored for your specific needs. Click here to inquire.

Learning to Look

Developing a vocabulary of visual effects that artists employ to create depth, dynamic movement, and meaning. Discussion is partly based on the developments in the field of visual psychiatry. Arnheim, a leading researcher in this field, quantified and verified what painters have known for ages.


Art and Power


Why did the Catholic Church and the Medici’s, patronize the Arts? What were they were hoping to gain? How does powerful, expressive and expensive art ascribe importance to the owner? Much of the great art we see in museums was created on commission for the patron. What were they trying to say, and who were they trying to impress? What is the role of the artist in this dance?


Art and Money


Van Gogh, Soutine, Modigliani etc., the archetypes of “the starving artist,” created paintings that became investment instruments that have no equal in their return. Picasso was a starving artist until he got wise to the market. Warhol, Basquiat, Salle etc. have consciously created for this market. What part does the gallery and museum system play in creating value? How do paintings become visible, who brings them into view? Who creates the buzz?  And why do artist have to be skinny? 


Art and the Message


Art has served many masters, from the church to monarchs. It has been used as a tool to educate an illiterate audience on the liturgy and teach history, as revised by the patron, to the public. How has the message of Art changed with its audience? To whom does contemporary art speak?



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